Rocket League

Josh Tristan

Team Captain for Brutal Base RL

Josh joined brutal base on the 16th of February 2020 and went straight into the main team with great success, josh said about Brutal “My time in Brutal Base has been amazing so far, nothing but support from everyone in the org.”

Bubbly joined brutal base esports in february 2020 and came into the captain role straight away, since this time bubbly helped us go 9 and 0 in the EUCC division four series!, although no longer captain, he is still working with the team to progress rapidly.


Player for Brutal Base RL


Player for Brutal Base RL

AzBar was the first member to join Brutal Base RL on the 13th of February 2020 who then went on to recruit the members listed above. AzBar is the main reason we had such success and ease entering into Rocket League and we can’t thank him enough!

Yeast was officially announced into the roster on the 28th of june 2020, Yeast had this to say upon joining “I want to try and take this team to success after our ecc placement and I want to make sure that we can secure first place this time round”


Player for Brutal Base RL


Substitute for Brutal Base RL

Aqua joined our roster on the 5th of may 2020 and had this to say recently,  “Being apart of Brutal is an eye opener, im going to help the team out in anyway that i can! #GoneBrutal” Aqua has been a excellent addition to the rocket league roster!

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